Tuesday, 21 September 2010

my dream,

i have a dream, ala cam dulu2 maser masih kanak2 lagi. hihi. hmm, ok [serious back].

one of my dream is to live in english village

pastu ader umah camni

BESTnyer!!! :DD

pastukan pastukan
jalan2 n shoppin kat sni

even nampak cam kuno,
but so VINTAGE!!
i like,, :))

at our little farm
we could have
these babiess

ok, one for me
the other one one is for my lovely sweety hubby
and the last want it will be
for our cute little precious son horse,.
sweeeet :)))

i dream to have my own garden
so that
i can express my femininity in it
though i'm not,
but still
i can try

this will be my garden house,

this is my little garden,
my hard work will totally be shown here,

me and my sweet hubby
will have tea for evening
and watch our babies playing around,,

ooh, how sweet
if it all written here
will become true